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L.A. RECORD - Issue 100 - Vol. 5 No. 1

L.A. RECORD - Issue 100 - Vol. 5 No. 1
L.A. Record
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It's finally here! After many months of hard work, our debut quarterly and the most gigantic thing we have ever made! 112 pages of music, art, film, books, full-color comics and more, made by artists and photographers and writers and musicians all across the city of Los Angeles! So what's in it?

More interviews than we have ever done ever ever—beyond-in-depth with Flying Lotus, Ariel Pink, Merle Haggard, Tinariwen, the Like, Harmony Korine, Chicano Batman, Genesis P-Orridge, Roky Erickson, John Carpenter, Ty Segall, Legs McNeil, Active Child, Janelle Monae, Cleaners from Venus, Teen Inc., Australia’s X, the Art Museums, Oy, Oliwa and the Pleasure Circus, Ryan Heffington and seriously a ton more!

Plus more reviews of Los Angeles-area releases than ever—7"s and LPs and EPs and demos and everything with hand-drawn art! And eight new columns on the furthest reaches of local music! And dam-funk and Heather Gram (Puro Instinct) deliver exclusive guides to their favorite records!

And then we've also got brand-new full-fledged art, film and books sections! And a short story by Plimsouls/Nerves member Peter Case! Plus full-color comics by local artists! And eerily prescient horoscopes by Ariana Delawari!

And … the triumphant return of the L.A. RECORD album re-enactment centerfold poster! This is the most ambitious poster we ever did—in fact, it’s an album they said couldn’t be done … yet it’s done!

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