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PLEASE NOTE: We have been having some trouble with people placing orders for subscriptions. If you would like to subscribe and you are receiving any kind of persistent error, please email and we will get this handled for you immediately. Apologies to all our customers — we are working to fix this now!

The award-winning L.A. RECORD was started in 2005 on a bedroom floor as a one-page weekly broadsheet dedicated to Los Angeles music of all genres and generations. Now after five years and more than 100 issues, L.A. RECORD is still a totally independent grassroots print-and-web operation, run and staffed by writers and artists from across the city. Stay on top of whats going on with the latest issue of L.A. RECORD delivered to your door every month!

All current and new subscribers will receive FREE EXCLUSIVE VINYL FLEXI 45s courtesy of Stones Throw Records in every issue they receive during their subscription! The newest flexi is "Take It" by Vex Ruffin. Last issue's flexi was "Uh Oh" by Jonwayne and Jonti.

“The city’s liveliest bastion of grass-roots, punk rock, seat-of-your-pants music writing ... L.A.’s most formidable music magazine.” — The Los Angeles Times

“Make no mistake; the L.A. RECORD is punk rock.” — Huffington Post

“Our favorite local music publication.” — L.A. Weekly