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For print buys of any kind, please contact:

Kristina Benson (Publisher)

We offer color and black-and-white ads from 1/16th of a page to prime placement on the back cover of the magazine. We are also open to custom buys such as bundling a 7” or CD-R. We are also happy to bundle web ads with print ads—please ask for details!

NEW! For independent web buys—for bands, independent stores, events promoters and more—we now offer INSTANT BUYS below through!

We currently offer 10,000 impressions through a 160 x 600 tower ad for $65, which when put in rotation will cover about a month of exposure. If you would like to discuss specific ad dimensions or campaign length, please email us at

For web buys for a larger company or organization, please contact:

Kristina Benson (Publisher)

L.A. RECORD serves ads through Google DFP.